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Performer: Adam All

Performer: Adam All Drag King Adam All is the creation of Jen Powell. Jen first performed in drag 12 years ago and since Adam's initial inception has gone on to perform across the UK and now runs a monthly Cabaret Drag King Night in Soho. An advocate of drag and avid...

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DJ: Caz Coronel

DJ: Caz Coronel Caz Coronel is an international DJ, producer, composer, musician and singer. Except highly energetic, vibrant sets, crossing house, techno, breaks, rave, drum and bass and jungle, often with worldly flavours and sometimes with a touch of jazz on keys...

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New articles

LezEvents Review

LezEventsQueer female events in London’s most exclusive venues. At LEZevents, we believe that any one who identifies as female, non-binary and queer should have the right to party in the best clubs and bars London has to offer. Why should such glamorous venues only be...

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LBQ Business

LesFlicks LBQ business

LesFlicks LESFLICKS AIMS TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO BUILD A DIVERSE COMMUNITY OF LBQ FANS AND CONTENT CREATORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. LesFlicks promotes films that show women loving women on screen; have a central lesbian or bisexual storyline; or which have a strong...

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