LBQ People

Musician: Zara Sykes

Musician Rap artist born and raised in Birmingham, been rapping since she was 10 years old.  Preferred pronoun: She/Her 1. What is your artist name? Zara Sykes 2. How long have you being performing/working? A very long time 3. Have you worked/performed for/with...

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DJs: Fierce Fantasy

DJ: Fierce Fantasy Fierce Fantasy DJs are based in Manchester. Chanelle has been working in the entertainment industry for 24 years. Working abroad as well as here Fierce Fantasy DJs was started at the beginning of 2017 with Chanelle's wife Leona, and has gone from...

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Interview: Sirine Saba for LGBT play WIFE

Performer: Sirine Saba in LBQ role of Suzannah Sirine Saba stars in the world premiere of Samuel Adamson’s Wife. The production runs at the Kiln Theatre, 30 May – 6 July. “I don’t believe that I’m nothing but a daughter and a wife and a mother. I’m a human being” It’s...

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Converse Pride by you shoes to show your pride

Converse Pride Chucks to show your pride in 2019 Converse is one of the many brands that are producing rainbow branded pride products to help us show our pride. As with all our pride articles, we dig into the support they are giving in an attempt to ensure that as a...

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LBQ Business

LesFlicks LBQ business

LesFlicks LESFLICKS AIMS TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO BUILD A DIVERSE COMMUNITY OF LBQ FANS AND CONTENT CREATORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. LesFlicks promotes films that show women loving women on screen; have a central lesbian or bisexual storyline; or which have a strong...

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Gender Free World

gender free world Gfw Gender Free World aka GFW Clothing doesn’t care what gender you are, but does care about your body.  We have 3 different body shapes, and 7 sizes which means our shirts will fit you like no other. Wear what you like regardless of your gender =...

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Upcoming Events

Jun 21
Smashing by Annabel Pribelszki
The Royal Vauxhall Tavern - 372 Kennington Lane
Jun 22
Generations Workshop
Birmingham LGBT - 38-40 Holloway circus
Jun 22
Kate Charlesworth: Our Queer History in Cartoons
Lighthouse - Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop - 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DB

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