Planet Nation exists to connect the community and promote all of the various things taking place that help us to feel visible, represented and a part of something where we can be authentic and ourselves.

Publication of news and information

We publish news and information of relevance to the LBQ community.

If you are an LBQ woman or business it is completely free to submit an article to Planet Nation. If you require an article plus promotion we charge a nominal £5 to cover time in actively promoting the article.

If you are a mainstream person or organisation who wants to reach the LBQ community with something you believe is of interest to the community, we charge a fee to list this. We will review the article and if it meets our community standards and we believe it is relevant we will publish the article.

  • LBQ article without promotion: free
  • LBQ article with promotion: £5.00
  • Sponsored advertorial without promotion: £100
  • Sponsored advertorial with promotion: £150

Advertise on Planet Nation

We have a few advertising spaces on Planet Nation. We try not to have too many adverts as we like the website to be clear and we also do not accept all advertising on the site. We review each request and advertise things that we believe share our values.

If you are interested in advertising on Planet Nation please get in touch.