LBQ Authors

Author: Rachel Maldonado

Author: Rachel Maldonado Rachel Maldonado is an American author of lesbian fiction with 50+ novels and short stories topping the Amazon charts such as Burning Desire, Touchdown Hero, and Her Maiden Voyage. She is a graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University in San...

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Author Clare Lydon

Author: Clare Lydon Clare Lydon is a lesbian fiction author and lover of Curly Wurlys. Her books have been described as "romantic, addictive, fabulous!" and she couldn't have put it better herself. When she's not writing, she plays the guitar badly and drinks far too...

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Author Kiki Archer

Author: Kiki Archer Top of the lesbian Amazon book charts, popular Author Kiki Archer shares what gets her excited about writing & more...Independent or published author? Independent Preferred pronoun: She 1. What’s your first memory of enjoying reading?  My...

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Author Sam Skyborne

Author Sam Skyborne Sam Skyborne (pen name of Wollie Boehm) is a storyteller - both a writer and an award-winning filmmaker. She has an English degree, a masters in Artificial Intelligence and currently lives and loves in London. Sam has voraciously devoured stories...

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Author: K’Anne Meinel

Author: K'Anne Meinel K’Anne Meinel is a prolific best-selling fiction writer with more than one hundred published works including shorts, novellas, and novels.  She is an American author born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised outside of Oconomowoc.  Upon early...

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