In 2020 Coming Out has never been so unpopular…


In every sense staying in was absolutely the thing to do this year. For once this bore no direct relation to the LGBTQ+ community but to everyone.
It was all a bit exciting to start with, finally a global pandemic that doesn’t recognise gender or sexual preference – we can all suffer and die in equal measure.
Having fast overcome the initial joy of equality in mass extinction the reality set in and let’s face it we all learnt not to jokingly use the phrase “how much worse can it get”.
It’s tricky to look back on 2020 with any measure of fondness, in fact my partner and I have a ritual bonfire every NYE, into which we ceremonially write down and throw in all the bad shit from the year that we refuse to carry forward into the new year; rest assured we won’t be needing to use any logs to keep the fire burning long into the night this time round, the scrunched up notes will be blazing!
But if there’s one thing our community knows about, it’s how to fight for survival. So I encourage us all to try to find those little glimmers of hope and joy we’ve had this year, hold dear to them, hold dear to each other, reach out, laugh out, praise your super human selves for continuing to survive this crap and remember when it’s all said and done; you’re a survivor. You have a 100% success rate, give yourself some love!
By all means let’s make New Years resolutions, it’s a thing we do and I think little traditions help, but perhaps we can forget the punitive ones this year and keep eating all the chocolate, drinking all that Sauvignon Blanc, zoom your work naked from the waist down, run if it’s a pleasure don’t if it’s not, make all the good foods or become a takeaway ordering pro. Just be safe and be kind, the mental is as important as the physical and let’s all look back and laugh at this weirdness once we’re out the other side ✌
Liz Smith