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Women’s guide to Pride in London

The Planet Nation guide for LBQ women at Pride in London If you're looking at the official Pride in London website for events, you'd be forgiven for thinking us lesbians had gone extinct... not looked and wondering what I'm talking about? Well for starters, you can...

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Converse Pride by you shoes to show your pride

Converse Pride Chucks to show your pride in 2019 Converse is one of the many brands that are producing rainbow branded pride products to help us show our pride. As with all our pride articles, we dig into the support they are giving in an attempt to ensure that as a...

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A refresh after a rest!

Hello, long time no see! You may have noticed that Planet Nation looks a little different, and a lot of old content is missing. We've been hibernating for 18 months, but are now having a refresh. Watch this space for a brighter, bolder, fresher site! We will also...

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