I knew I wanted to see her live when I saw her on YouTube at Glastonbury.

Quirky, sexy, French completely tilted. The embodiment of a performer, she lays her naked soul out for you to devour. She dances like a demon, her queens beside her dancing their butts off.

So I found myself at Brixton Academy, now covered in O2 logos. It was full to capacity, tons of smiling lesbians included in the crowd.

She took forever to come on stage, not sure when I forgot it is fashionable to be late to these things?!

Once she was on stage however I forgot my sore foot and tilted along with my wife. She sang Paradis Perdus, my reason for being there, with a scary sense of honesty. She chatted away in between songs, completely thrilled with her recent tweet from Rupaul:

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?”

She invited the audience to be whatever they wanted to be, perhaps even a train. The clever set and lighting moved and ’tilted’ along with the performance and the shadow play behind Christine magnified her dance poses and energy perfectly.

Can’t wait to see her again.


We accept you, one of us !