Hello, long time no see!

You may have noticed that Planet Nation looks a little different, and a lot of old content is missing. We’ve been hibernating for 18 months, but are now having a refresh. Watch this space for a brighter, bolder, fresher site! We will also slowly be bringing across the old content.

What’s changing?

The events calendar has had a makeover. Cleaner, tidier. For members you can also view by event type or location.

We’re redefining our purpose. We are reinforcing our core values: community, authenticity, love and connection.

We’re launching a new membership scheme which will give you access to additional content and non-public content (so we can promote lesbians who are not out in a safe space!).

The content structure is being cleaned up and streamlined to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Want to be on the homepage?

To celebrate our new site, we’re collating images of our community, aka you.

The first 100 women to join our new membership site will get their photo on our homepage.

We’ve already got a few women on there who regularly contribute to our community and who have supported Planet Nation in various ways since 2011 but we’re looking for more awesome women to join. What are you waiting for subscribe today!

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