Adidas UK release ‘mens shoes’ for Pride month

Adidas is releasing a set of three pride shoes under a ‘Pride Pack’. Don’t get too excited…

  • There is no information about any LGBT+ support
  • The shoes are all listed as mens shoes
  • There are three t-shirts under the women’s tag

Sadly, Adidas appear to have widely missed the mark on our expectations of supporting the LGBT+ community and use of the rainbow. This is not only whitewashing at its best, but also showing a real lack of understanding of the LGBT+ community by listing these shoes under only one gender.

The only positive from these, is they haven’t inflated the price, so you pay the same for the rainbow version as you do for their non-rainbow versions.

Take a look here, the shoes go on sale on 1 June 2019:


Our recommendation is to challenge Adidas. This is a big brand with big pockets, and it isn’t too much to expect them to give a small amount to an LGBT+ charity or community group.

Rainbow Brand rating: Challenge

Moving forward - monitoring the rainbow

We are starting to collect a list of brands releasing Pride items in the UK, and listing them as either positive branding (i.e. supporting the LGBT community) or pinkwashing (jumping on the rainbow bandwagon). This will help the community to support the right brands, and ultimately the LGBT community.

What to do if you see a rainbow item in a shop in the UK or online?

Take a photo for our database and email it to along with the location, company/brand and whether there is any information on the LGBT support visible. If you felt comfortable asking the additional questions above, please include their response. If not, leave it with us to enquire. We will then add it to our support or challenge list.

About the Rainbow Brand Guide

Due to the huge increase in the number of brands and businesses releasing rainbow products, and the lack of transparency around the support provided, we have created a rainbow brand rating. We will look into the product in the UK, and give the brand a community rating.

Ratings will look at a number of areas, including:

  • support of LGBT charities or community groups;
  • level of support;
  • understanding of non-gender or gender fluidity in products;
  • price of the item compared to non-pride versions of the same product; and
  • progress against previous years.

Found a brand or product we haven't reviewed? Get in touch and let us know!