Hunter Boots releases a Pride boot that is raising money for LGBT charity

Pride season is upon us and another brand has released a rainbow item amongst their normal product line.

Hunter have announced their Pride Play boots, available in both women’s slimline with a heel and men’s flat ankle boot.

They have partnered with 5 key members of the LGBTQ community who have each chosen an LGBT charity to support. Hunter have donated a fixed amount of £15,000 between these five charities.

The boots are on sale for £80 each, £5 more expensive than their standard play boot.

About the Boot

As proud champion of the LGBTQI+ community, Hunter has designed a limited-edition version of the best-selling 100% waterproof PLAY boot in time for the start of festival season and Pride month. Celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQI+ community, each of the Pride PLAY boots will have a unique rainbow sole. Along with the sole, the rainbow is integrated into the pull tab and Hunter logo running down the back of the boot. The Pride PLAY boot is available with a block heel and a flatform silhouette. The block heel will fit a larger, wider foot more comfortably while the flatform is designed for narrower, smaller sizes. Stand proud in this latest style by Hunter.

This style has a slim silhouette and will best fit a conventional UK women’s size 3-9 foot best.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Handcrafted from natural rubber
  • Polyester lining
  • Re-engineered for a lightweight feel
  • Hunter branded moulded outsole
  • Unique rainbow sole

About the community and charity

ShayShay, an American-born, London-based entertainer on the UK LGBTQ club night scene has chosen The Outside Project as their chosen charity.

The Outside Project is the UK’s first LGBTQ shelter and community centre and it aims to bring together marginalised groups so that they do not feel left ‘outside’. It recently opened its doors in London.

Tia Simon-Campbell, co-founder of BBZ, an art exhibition and club night that works to eradicate misogyny and prioritises queer, trans and/or genderqueer/non-binary people of colour, has chosen the charity NAZ.

NAZ delivers culturally-specific sexual health services including counselling to black and minority ethnic communities across London.

Glyn Fussell, director of Sink The Pink and East Creative has selected the Albert Kennedy Trust.

akt’s mission is to provide safe homes and better futures for LGBTQ young people

Jay Espinosa, a Louis Vuitton gender-neutral model has chosen to support the charity MindOut.

MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer people working to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities.

Lucy Fizz, a dancer who uses her story to help others in similar situations has chosen Mermaids

Mermaids is a charity that supports gender diverse and transgender children, young people and their families achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity.

The new Pride Play boots will be available in store from 3 June or from their website now.

Rainbow Brand Rating

Hunter Boots have got it right.

They are supporting the community, and 5 LGBT charities. They have a minimal uplift on price (we understand there are increased costs in short run limited edition products). The products are still in line with their brand, and are beautiful.

We approve!

Rainbow Brand Rating: Support and promote!

Moving forward - monitoring the rainbow

We are starting to collect a list of brands releasing Pride items in the UK, and listing them as either positive branding (i.e. supporting the LGBT community) or pinkwashing (jumping on the rainbow bandwagon). This will help the community to support the right brands, and ultimately the LGBT community.

What to do if you see a rainbow item in a shop in the UK or online?

Take a photo for our database and email it to along with the location, company/brand and whether there is any information on the LGBT support visible. If you felt comfortable asking the additional questions above, please include their response. If not, leave it with us to enquire. We will then add it to our support or challenge list.

About the Rainbow Brand Guide

Due to the huge increase in the number of brands and businesses releasing rainbow products, and the lack of transparency around the support provided, we have created a rainbow brand rating. We will look into the product in the UK, and give the brand a community rating.

Ratings will look at a number of areas, including:

  • support of LGBT charities or community groups;
  • level of support;
  • understanding of non-gender or gender fluidity in products;
  • price of the item compared to non-pride versions of the same product; and
  • progress against previous years.

Found a brand or product we haven't reviewed? Get in touch and let us know!