Planet Nation wants to Celebrate National Coming Out Day by Coming Back Out!!

We want come back as a viable entertaining resource for the LGBTQ+ community we LOVE and that has supported us all these years. This will be a safe place to find out where the poppin new hot spots, films, music and groups are and also where you can find opportunities to meet new mates or love interests.

I thought it was only appropriate to share my coming out..At this point it is impossible to pinpoint my coming out story.

I was a lesbian hiding in plain sight.

It wasn’t a dramatic shock to my family and friends as I was Riot Grrrl obsessed
teenager who had a homemade collage of Jodie Foster on my bedroom wall…I know that’s sooooo gay 😉

A defining moment was in highschool, I had a huge crush on this gorgeous mindful hippyish girl in my art class “June” swoooon.

June was everything I wanted to be self assured, independent and brazenly political and she seemed to weave magic over everyone she met. I was totally enamoured with her. There were a few of us confused “straight’ girls and hipster boys vying for her attention. I think she could sense that my interest or obvious unwavering adoration was not entirely friendship based…as when we went out on a Friday night she took me to my first lesbian club.

It was at the Boom Boom room in Toronto which was darkly lite alternative vibe where many of the women had ink, piercings and coloured funky hair like myself and they grinded together on the dancefloor. I was hooked like a kid in a candy store….where was this universe hiding and where do I get my membership card?! I couldn’t wait to explore every inch of it.

I was impassioned to come out to everyone!! everywhere!! even people who didn’t care and complete strangers. I was frantically jump out of my old skin excited to tell the whole world  “I AM A LESBIAN”.

I lost friends and angered family but I made heaps of new friends and created my own family..that’s my short story.

Happy National Coming Out Day so happy we can share this together and we would LOVE to hear your stories too. Become a member and share about your life or passions.

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