Planet Nation has relaunched with a fresh new look, and a brand new format.

Subscription is free. Membership is £3.99 per month. Premium membership with dating and community network is coming soon.

By subscribing to Planet Nation you help to keep this valuable resource running the way we want to – with a core focus on the community.

Creating a membership will also allow us to promote LBQ businesses and people who are not out as we can publish this information to the website so that it is only available for members to see.

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time as it works on a monthly basis.

Types of membership available

  • Subscriber – free
    Receive our newsletter, view pages with content featuring non-out lesbians or non-public content.
  • Members can view extra content that is not available unless you are logged into the website and subscribed. Members also get exclusive offers and information.
  •  – free
    Certain members are invited to become champions. To become a champion you must abide by our core values of community, authenticity, love and connection. If you believe you are a champion for LBQ life and meet our values, you can apply to be a champion. Membership is not guaranteed and is not available to everyone.
  •  – £1.99 per month
    Planeteers are women in our community to actively promote Planet Nation either by writing for the website, by attending events or by engaging with Planet Nation on social media. They are our very valuable volunteers. You can apply to be a volunteer in your local area. Planeteers receive benefits such as free access to events and discounted membership to the site.
  •  – £50 per year
    Ideal for businesses, festivals, event promoters and venues. Star Community Contributors get a dedicated email address to send in articles for publication. Tired of sending off press releases and not getting them published? Fear not. Our star community contributors get guaranteed publication of their article within 72 hours of submission. They also receive priority permission to add their events to the Planet Nation events calendar just by sending the event link through (Facebook or Eventbrite links accepted) and a 60% discount on event listings that aren’t sent via Facebook or Eventbrite) and a 50% discount on social media promotional campaigns.