a poignant and engaging dance and performance about identity and our bodies

Brought to you by award-winning director Jessica Edwards (Sparks, Denim) and producer Ellie Keel, Hotter’s raw poignancy touches tender strings. Our bodies and how we feel about our age, youth, sexuality, friendship, and love.

In an engaging verbatim dance and performance, Ell and Mary entertain, make the audience laugh and hold its breath in moments of truth. Sweat, heat, inner dialogue, open communication connect in a seamless story of us all. From the point of view of 23 year olds who opened their world of questioning identity, Mary and Ell invite the audience to take part in their discoveries wondering whether they are alone in feeling the way they do.

At the end of the show, the audience’s standing ovation conveys its answer. Yes, we do.

HOTTER performs at Soho Upstairs from June 11th to June 16th 2019. Don’t miss out on the most authentic sparkling show in Soho.

About Hotter

What is the sweatiest you’ve ever been?
When was the hottest you’ve ever felt?
How would you describe your orgasm?

Hello, we’re Ell and Mary.

We’re best friends and ex-girlfriends and we’re bored of playing it cool.

So this is a show about what gets you hot. We asked women and transpeople aged 11 to 97 what makes them sweat, flush, rub and gush. OK, we didn’t ask the 11 year old exactly the same questions.

We made a sweaty verbatim dance party out of their answers.

Following a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Hotter is launching arse-first in your direction. Blushing already?

Brought to you by award-winning director Jessica Edwards (Sparks, Denim) and producer Ellie Keel.

Soho Upstairs

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