Celebrating Sisterhood

We are celebrating International Women’s Day by asking talented, brilliant and fierce women; What does International Women’s day mean to you?

“International women’s day is a celebration of the achievements and empowerment of women across the globe. It’s so important to recognise that gender inequality still exists and that we need to move forward in achieving an equal world.”
Bec Jevons, IDestroy band 

“IWD means to me a day that is dedicated women having the opportunity to focus, to show and share the things that matter to them.  It gives me the opportunity to hang out with my ‘sisters’ in a space that is just for women.  It gives women a dedicated time to come together to encourage, to inspire each other and connect on different levels.  
I feel blessed to be part of a women’s theatre group, have amazing women friends and networks, so this day gives me the opportunity to connect with new women from different backgrounds and life styles, learn from them and share what I know…”
Yours in Sisterhood
Rachel Community Dance Practitioner African Sambistas

I think International Women’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate and remember the amazing women of our past who have paved the way for us women in the present. I also think it’s important to have open and frank discussions on International Women’s Day to ensure women from all backgrounds including those who identifies as women or are non-binary are represented and included. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the important women in your life. Sarah Loveday Bhagotra, Trombonist

“I appreciate IWD as a reminder of and a tribute to the women of the world who have surged forward despite it all but it also reminds me that I too need to be a shoulder and a steadying hand for  young women and girls everywhere to rely upon as they began to make their own way in their own world.”
Sister Debbie Warner

“To celebrate womanhood and the work of women creatives. Elevate and empower each other and create awareness on equality worldwideLady Nade, Singer

“I have an appreciation of IWD because it highlights the struggles of ALL types of women across the globe. The sense of solidarity is so inspiring. Incredible women are fighting for their rights and freedom right now and we should recognise that. None of us are free until we all are! “
Peta Shillingford
Muff said band and Kiki Bristol

International women’s day is a really important day because women make up over half of all the people on this planet and yet when you look at the current pandemic the majority of people have lost their jobs are women; still we have inequality of pay. Whilst we feel like we are equal, we are a long way from it and international women’s day is a really good chance for women to come together to connect to stand together and be part of a community. Women directors have a much tougher time making films and those films often get negative reviews; so we are proud to highlight and support lesbian & bisexual filmmakers whilst also helping to connect a community to women film fans. We all have to do our bit to improve the situation for all women; in any way we can. Every little thing helps.”
Naomi Bennet
Founder of Lesflicks

“International women’s day reminds me of the power and spirit inside myself and also in my friends, that we are all warriors and Queens! That women from all walks of life and different backgrounds should be celebrated. To remember the ones that fought for our rights before us and to stand up and do the same.’
Anonymous Easton Cowgirls
Footie Player

“Women’s day for me has always been such an special day for me. Since I can remember I felt that this day was reserved for something magical. I never knew what it was but it always felt like that. Often I was in places where no one celebrated it even so I was full of excitement just to know existed. In the Netherlands I walked in a bar for the first time it was just women on women’s day. I was 23 and full of expectation and excitement. I will never forget how special it felt”.
Susana Salinas

“Women’s history month to me is a remembrance and appreciation of all the women who have pioneered new landscapes in various fields whether that be science, the arts or technology to name but a few. It is also the time to fully appreciate the women today, yesterday and the future, that will continue to fight for equality and change. This month makes me incredibly proud to be a woman, and I hope to continue on an incredible lineage of women before me by fighting for justice for women everywhere within my work.” 
Jordan Paunova
Poet & Writer

“IWD is a global movement reminding us of the importance of gender equity , the need to continue to support and amplify ALL women’s voices for the benefit of mankind.” Laila El-Metoui Equality Advocate & Trainer | Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2020 | Pride 365 Champion

“A time to remember that none of us are free until we’re all free. To stand in solidarity with all our sisters (black, white, brown, cis, trans, intersex and everything in between) who are still being oppressed, discriminated against, abused and killed because of their gender or gender expression around the world” Sally Wood, Gardener and Handy Woman

International Women’s Day Events

#ChooseToChallenge – IWD – Celebrating ALL WOMEN – Past and Present

11th March 6 to 8pm GMTVirtual – £5 – free to organisations supporting vulnerable people , people seeking asylum and on low income. We have super diverse women (trans, black visibly and invisibly disabled , lesbian and straight !  old and younger …. launched by Baroness Barker … an evening of presentations, talks, quiz and performances link to programme and speakers below

14th March 1:30- 3:30 Black Women Let Loose Theatre Company celebrate International Women’s Week. Hosted by York Racial Equality Network https://eventbrite.com/e/international-womens-week-bwll-theatre-company-tickets-142671689865