May 17


07:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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London, London International Lesbians, Meetup

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London International Lesbians Meetup

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Clerkenwell and Social

2-5 St. John's Square

London, GB

Dear International!

That time of the month again! Need I say anything else?

Don’t we all love to Surf at the sexiest Lesbian event in London? Don’t we all love meeting the gorgeous Ladies of SBS every month? Don’t you miss going there with the fabulous Internationals?

Fun times are coming! Clair and Claire are the lovely hostesses of this amazing night! The best and biggest lesbian night in town πŸ˜‰

We won’t have a “host” for the Internationals and I won’t be there -will be sipping prosecco in Italy instead- but you guys know how to have fun and will for sure be looking after each other.

Please use the comments section to agree time and meeting point with friends. If you are joining the internationals for the first time, and want to pop in anyway… just look for Clair and Clare when you get to the venue, they will look after you and introduce you to other ladies πŸ˜‰

This is a great event:

β€’ You will have the Internationals mingling around the venue

β€’ You will go around meeting new ladies and finding familiar faces

β€’ You will be free to mingle around, nobody will expect you to stay in a fixed spot all night

β€’ Your first time? Come and say hi and we’ll introduce you to a few people to help you break the ice

Let’s see how many of you dare joining this bunch of International ladies Surfing

REMEMBER: This is an un-hosted event -look for other internationals and have fun. If don’t know anyone, look for Clair and Clare (SBS hosts and they will introduce you to other internationals πŸ™‚

I personally love the evening and look forward to supporting Clair and Claire keeping SBS and keeping it fabulous! (have to miss it this month)

If you haven’t experienced SBS yet, this is a great opportunity to join the finest of the Lesbian scene for an evening of flirting and great conversation!!!

If you’ve been there before you know you want to be there when it happens this month!!! Join us for an evening of fun, drinks and mingling with the ladies!!!

If you haven’t been to SBS yet this is your opportunity to try it!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

What are you waiting for??? RSVP now!!!


p.s. if you want more info about SBS click here