July 21


11:00 am - 01:00 pm

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London, London International Lesbians, Meetup

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London International Lesbians Meetup

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Gay's The Word Bookshop

66 Marchment Street WC1N 1AB

London, GB

Dear International,

As usual for the third Sunday of every month, this event is for women who like to read and be read to. Bring a passage or two that you like to read out loud together in a circle! The most important criteria is that it moves you and that you think it would be interesting to share with others. If you write and would like to bring your writing we would love to hear it! Those who’d rather just listen are also welcome.

Bring your friends, and come to enjoy the beauty of stories and the voices of women in the circle. Come to feel, come to think, come to share!

Here are some details about running of the event:

Please try to arrive by 10.50 am to enable harmonious opening of our circle – it takes a few minutes to settle in, exchange hello’s, etc.

NOTE – no admission after 11.15 am

We will start by welcoming everyone and will open the circle by short introductions, so we get to know each other’s names. We will then choose short stories from the ones that you brought to read out loud and will read them. Easy!

What to bring: Bring books or texts with short stories to read! The story can be fictional or real. Since this is a gay women group, the stories written by women or about women; on lesbian and lgbt topics are particularly welcome. However, we also welcome stories on a wide variety of topics and in all kinds of formats – poetry and fairy tales included. The most important criteria is that it moves you and that you think it would be interesting to share with others.

The story should take maximum 10 minutes to read and then if we want to, we can spend a few minutes on sharing how we felt about it.

We can choose which stories to read by very short introductions and then pulling names of the stories randomly from a hat!

In words of J.K. Rowling “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” Anyone who would like to can read a story out loud and we would love if you do it, but if you prefer to just listen and feel connection with the group in this way, please still come and join us.

By the end of the session, we will close the circle by sharing our impressions.

Afterwards you are welcome to join us for lunch, tea and cake in this beautiful local area.

Arrangements: Arrivals from 10.45am – starting at 11:00am. The group will be closed from 11.15 am as we will have already started reading then.

The session will end at 13:00pm

£5 in cash is requested to go towards the rent of a quiet and spacious place and development of resources of the Internationals meetup. We welcome donations for group resources, materials & developing our practice.

Queries: please message me on meetup or text/call Olga 07594216649

If you are late, please practice self-compassion & enter the circle as quietly as possible. >>>This meetup may be over-subscribed. If you have a place and can no longer make it, please change your RSVP to a No to free up a place for someone else ideally the previous day but if not at least 3 hours in advance<<

Warm hugs,